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About us

We are located in Weetangera ACT
The Owner

The owner himself is Pakistani who specializes to serve you a delicious Lahori meal that will delight your senses. Taken inspiration from his wife’s cooking style he thought of creating a place to savor the desi cravings. He has a team whose homemade and authentic style is what stands them out in the town.

A visit to this place is must if you miss “maa kay haath ka khana” ( your mom’s handmade food) !!!

We never fails to surprise

Lahori Gate never fails to surprise everyone with very delicious and authentic Pakistani cuisines. We are located at Shop 4 Weetangera Place Weetangera ACT and we are available for delivery and pick up. For our Chicken Dishes, we have Lahori Chicken Karahi, Chicken Korma, Achari Chicken, Chilli Chicken and Chicken Vindaloo. We also recommend our BBQ Specials such as Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Lamb Cutlets, Mixed Grill and Raan Roast. For our Seafoods, we have Fish Masala, Fish Chilli Masala, Prawn Masala, Fried Fish and Mixed Seafood Curry. Click on our Order Now button if you want to avail of our delivery and pickup services. We Deliver to Aranda, Belconnen, Charnwood, Cook, Dunlop, Florey, Flynn, Fraser, Hawker, Higgins, Holt, Jamison Centre, Kippax, Latham, Macgregor, Macquarie, Melba, Page, Scullin & Weetangera.

Some History

Lahori Gate is one of the Gates of Lahore, the capital of Ranjit Singh’s great Sikh em- pire. It is now the capital of a smaller Punjab, the most populated province of Pakistan. It is one of the ancient cities of the subcontinent and has a rich historical and cultural heritage.

The early history of the city is cloaked in obscurity and it is pretty difficult to establish the exact date of its foundation. It was a town of not much importance in the first and second century A.D. and was ruled by Rajput princes. In the eighth and ninth century, it became the capital of a powerful brahman family, who in the tenth century, were invaded by Sabuktagin and his son Mahmud Ghaznivide.

The Lahori (or Lahori Gate) was named after the city of Lahore itself. It was the quarter of the town that was first populated when Malik Ayaz, the viceroy of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznivide, rebuilt the town in early eleventh century. As Loha in Punjabi means ‘iron’, it is suggested that there were once many blacksmith’s workshops based just outside this gate.

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